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Who Should be a Consultant
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Hello, My name is Ian Marsh and I am the CEO of Streetsmart Marketing International. We’re one of the largest coaching and consulting firm in the southern hemisphere. And I’ve put together a series of 10 questions that people ask me all the time when they consider becoming a business consultant and living the life that I live.

Now this question is, “Who should be a Business Consultant?” Well it doesn’t matter whether you’re actually thinking of going out there and helping other individuals improve their businesses or perhaps you’re a business owner that just wants to improve the results in your own business. Either dynamic works. You see, if you’ve got an existing business then many people who have trained who’ve used their knowledge and gone on to do transformation to their own companies. One gentleman is Scott Kilpatrick who came to us with a few challenges as a builder in Rockhampton and now he’s one of the largest and most successful builders in the whole of Rockhampton. Totally transformed his business. And along the way he helps many individuals so he can because he’s very passionate about that, he’s a very caring soul.

Another individual that is a business owner, Dean McKain owns one “Stop Patio Shop” and now once again his business was doing okay. He didn’t join the program to go out and help everyone improve their businesses. He’s taken the knowledge. He’s then gone one to become one of the most sought after Patio Shops in the whole of Western Australia. And now he goes and he buys businesses, builds them up, and he sells them for a great profit.
Other individuals are single moms that really looking for an opportunity to support themselves and I’ve helped them transform their lives. So that they now make mid-six figures and they don’t need to have those massive money concerns that existed previously.

Or you may have just been tired of your existing business and you want to change. Either scenario could suit you. What I do is interview each individual before we share this knowledge just to make sure it is a good fit for both you and for us.

Essentially if you have a passion to either improve your own business to help other individuals improve theirs, then you should inquire more about becoming a business consultant. Now, we have a “Discovery Webinar” that I urge you to register for that so that I can go into more details and explain how you can transform other people’s lives and in the process transform yours as well.

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