[WATCH]: The Benefits of Loving and Caring in WorkPlace Relationships

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The Benefits of Loving and Caring in WorkPlace Relationships
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94% of employees that love their workplace are 2 to 4 times more likely to perform more and recommend their company.


Louis Carter is CEO and President of Best Practice Institute, an association and management consulting firm specializing in helping organizations and C-suite senior executives achieve their market strategy through organization learning, action learning, and HR SaaS software.

He is the creator of bestpracticeinstitute.org, a social networking, learning and benchmarking platform providing immediate access to industry companies, on-demand learning and senior executives executives, alongside its skillrater.com, a next generation SaaS anytime 360-degree tool using social collaboration, a top HR Product of the year by Human Resources Executive Magazine. Author of nearly a dozen books on best practices and organizational leadership.


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