[WATCH]: Protocol Chat Week 5

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Protocol Chat Week 5
Week five is almost done and dusted!

Have you got a holiday or work trip coming up? Turns out, it doesn’t mean game over for the Protocol challenge! This week, our founder and CEO Josh Sparks and nutritionist Shannon Young answer your questions about travelling the healthy way. From training to eating out, they both share their best tips for staying on track when you’re away from home. Plus, Josh chats through the optimal sets and reps for your strength training. Check out the video below – and don’t forget to ask your questions on the Facebook group!

Reminder! Have you read Josh’s top tips for week five? Here’s a recap!

1. Continue to stretch before and after each training session. As you become stronger, it’s even more important to loosen up your muscles before your workout. Review our guide in the Protocol for stretching suggestions.
2. Safely push your limits. In strength training, aim to perform the final set of each movement to temporary failure. Get a spotter to assist you with this. There’s no reason for your body to build muscle and give up the fat it loves unless you force it into thinking there’s a reason for it!
3. Snack smart. If you’re hungry between meals, choose low-carb, protein-packed snacks like boiled eggs, high-quality beef jerky, tuna or almonds. However, have a glass of water before any snack and wait 15 minutes, to check you’re truly hungry.