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Jackson JS32 Dinky Guitar Review

Jackson JS32 Dinky Guitar Review

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playguitarnotes.com/guitars/jackson-js32-dinky-review/ What do you get when you cross affordability with quality parts, fast action, and killer sound? The answer is none other than the Jackson JS32 dinky electric guitar. This is an instrument that’s built to give you as much bang for your buck possible. It’s all about high performance and low cost. They use the minimum amount of cost saving measures in the manufacturing process to deliver a fantastic product that performs well without the need of a high price tag. It’s really quite impressive what the designers of this model have managed to pull off.

There are several varieties of guitar that carry the JS32 designation. The first is the Arch Top model, named for its literal arch topped mahogany and basswood combination body. The second is the DKA-M with slightly different materials, and there are also 7 string and 8 string models. For simplicity’s sake, this review will tackle the standard 6 string varieties. You can expect the exact same from the extended range models, just with additional strings added to the bottom end. The overall design is fairly even among each of the four, ultimately leaving the choice up to mere personal taste.
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