Relation Between Website Design SEO And [removed] Good Or Bad

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Most of the website owners and businesses think that the more the website is beautiful the more is it successful. This statement is partly right and partly wrong. Most of the web design is done in JavaScript, Flash and AJAX.  It is better to get the mind cleared of any doubt about these technical applications before making investment in the web design.

How is beautification of the web design good?
The visual content is usually more effective than the text content. The images, videos and animations have more convincing capability than what is presented in text because the human brain is trained to believe what it sees. Moreover there are instances where images are a must to close the deal e.g. websites for toys, holidays and tours. If the testimonial one website is just in text and on another as a video wherein the customer speaks, whom would you trust the most? It is but natural that you would trust the video. A satisfied customer is not only going to be a buyer but also refer other prospective buyers to the website.

How is beautification of the web design bad?
Usually the new visitors do not just happen to click on to the website. They first conduct a search through the search engines. The URLs that feature on the top of the search engine list receive the maximum number of clicks. In these difficult times of competition, every single click is critical. A business opportunity lost is an advantage for the competitor. The bad side of beautification is that most of the technologies like JavaScript, Flash and AJAX were earlier not recognized by the browsers of the search engines because these browsers were based on the technology of yesteryears. When the technology of search engine is not compatible or supported by the search engine it is not going to be considered for indexing on the search engine list. No matter how beautiful is the website; no one is going to see it unless he/she visits it. The number of visitors can only increase if the technology used is Search engine friendly.  When technologies such as Flash are used a visitor finds it difficult to download the website. When the downloading time increases the enthusiasm of the visitor is adversely affected. This can lead to increase in charges because there are many who use even the mobile phone to surf the internet.

How to convert the bad into good?
A limited use of JavaScript not only facilitates the embedding of visual content but also helps in indexing on the search engine list. Some of the JavaScript codes are now recognized by the search engine browsers. The visual content should be embedded where it is required the most. If the presentation does not require any graphic illustration there is no necessity for the visual content. JavaScript helps in the website size economy. Google finds it hard to read the websites that have size more than 100kb. The smaller the website the easier is its maintenance. Technical advancements of the search engine browser have made some codes of Flash files, JavaScript, and PDF recognized by the search engines.

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